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[(Dear Peter Rabbit )] [Author: Alma Flor Ada] [Oct-1999]

Alma Flor Ada
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[Atlas Shrugged] [by: Ayn Rand]

Ayn Rand
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[(The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life & Business )] [Author: Charles Duhigg] [Jan-2014]

Charles Duhigg
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[Atlas Shrugged (School & Library)]Atlas Shrugged (School & Library) BY Rand, Ayn(Author)Hardcover

Ayn Rand
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[( Winnie the Pooh )] [by: A A Milne] [Oct-1999]

A A Milne
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[(Howl's Moving Castle )] [Author: Diana Wynne Jones] [Oct-2001]

Diana Wynne Jones
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[Buford the Little Bighorn] [by: Bill Peet]

Bill Peet
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[(The Eye of the World)] [Author: Professor Robert Jordan] published on (October, 1999)

Robert Jordan
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(Holly the Christmas Fairy (Turtleback School & Library)) By Meadows, Daisy (Author) Hardcover on 01-Oct-2007

Daisy Meadows
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[Catcher in the Rye] (By: J D Salinger) [published: October, 1999]

J D Salinger
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