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1. ISBN 3030175804 Zoomen

Contemporary French Security Policy in Africa: On Ideas and Wars (The Sciences Po Series in International Relations and Political Economy)

Benedikt Erforth
2. ISBN 331997727X Zoomen

Teaching Migrant Children in West Germany and Europe, 1949-1992 (Palgrave Studies in the History of Childhood)

Brittany Lehman
3. ISBN 3319973991 Zoomen

Transformative Climates and Accountable Governance (Palgrave Studies in Environmental Transformation, Transition and Accountability)

4. ISBN 3030122158 Zoomen

The Value Killers: How Mergers and Acquisitions Cost Companies Billions_And How to Prevent It

Nuno Fernandes
5. ISBN 0333793684 Zoomen

Urban Planning and Cultural Inclusion: Lessons from Belfast and Berlin (Anglo-German Foundation)

6. ISBN 1349447579 Zoomen

Understanding Ethnopolitical Conflict: Karabakh, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia Wars Reconsidered (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)

E. Souleimanov
7. ISBN 0230272215 Zoomen

It Came From the 1950s!: Popular Culture, Popular Anxieties

Darryl JonesElizabeth McCarthyBernice M. Murphy
8. ISBN 1403969450 Zoomen

Reading U.S. Latina Writers: Remapping American Literature

9. ISBN 3319493213 Zoomen

Sex Robots: The Future of Desire

Jason Lee
10. ISBN 134931675X Zoomen

Visibility in Social Theory and Social Research

A. Mubi Brighenti
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