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1. ISBN 1781556636 Zoomen

Fighters Over Malta: Gladiators and Hurricanes 1940-1942

Brian CullFrederick Galea
2. ISBN 9993232521

249 at Malta: Malta's top-scoring fighter squadron 1941-43

Brian & GALEA, Frederick CULL
3. ISBN 9993232173 Zoomen

Carve Malta on My Heart And Other Wartime Stories

Frederick R. Galea
4. ISBN 1904943306 Zoomen

Spitfires over Malta: The Epic Air Battles of 1942

Brian CullFrederick Galea
5. ISBN 1902304918 Zoomen

Hurricanes over Malta: June 1940 - April 1942

Brian CullFrederick Galea
6. ISBN 1902304322 Zoomen

Spitfires over Sicily: The Crucial Role of the Malta Spitfires in the Battle of Sicily, July - August 1943 (Hurricanes over Tobruk)

Brian CullNicola MaliziaFrederick Galea
7. ISBN 1781557500 Zoomen

806 Naval Air Squadron

Brian CullFrederick Galea
8. ISBN Zoomen

249 At War : The Authorized History of the Raf's Top Claiming Squadron of WWII by Brian Cull (1997-09-01)

Brian Cull;Frederick Galea
9. ISBN 9993292265 Zoomen

Women of Malta: True Wartime Stories of Christina Ratcliffe and Tamara Marks

Frederick R. Galea