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1. ISBN 351827810X Zoomen

Wahrheitstheorien: Eine Auswahl aus den Diskussionen über Wahrheit im 20. Jahrhundert (suhrkamp taschenbuch wissenschaft)

2. ISBN Zoomen

Masonry Construction; A Guide to Approved American Practice in the Selection of Building Stone, Brick, Cement, and Other Masonry Materials, and in All Branches of the Art of Masonry Construction

Alfred E. Phillipps
3. ISBN Zoomen

French's International Copyrighted Edition of the Works of the Best Authors. No. 79. A Lesson in Harmony

Alfred Austin
4. ISBN Zoomen

England's Darling. Second Edition

Alfred Austin
5. ISBN Zoomen

The Human Tragedy. New and Revised Edition. [London-1889]

Alfred Austin
6. ISBN Zoomen

[(An Artist's Proof)] [By (author) Alfred Austin] published on (September, 2009)

Alfred Austin
7. ISBN Zoomen

The Human Tragedy. New and Revised Edition

Alfred Austin
8. ISBN Zoomen

Leszko the Bastard: A Tale of Polish Grief. [1877]

Alfred Austin
9. ISBN Zoomen

Won by a Head: A Novel. In Three Volumes, Vol. II; pp. 1-295

Alfred Austin
10. ISBN Zoomen

My Satire and Its Censors. [London-1861]

Alfred Austin
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